Police search for ‘armed and dangerous’ Alabama man accused of striking cop

Published 8:02 am Saturday, March 5, 2022

Law enforcement is requesting the public’s help in its search for Kytn William Wentzell, a Goodwater man accused of striking an officer with his vehicle Thursday afternoon and “considered to be armed and dangerous,” according to a statement from the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer was taken to Russell Medical Center and has since been discharged, police chief Corey Shaw said in a Goodwater Police Department Facebook post Thursday.

According to Shaw, the incident began when two officers approached Wentzell, who was standing beside his vehicle, on Coosa County Road 86 “in reference to an ongoing investigation.” Upon approach, Wentzell then jumped into his vehicle and “at a high rate of speed attempted to strike Officer Dawson, hitting him on the left shoulder,” Shaw stated. Rebecca Fuller, described as a white female, was a passenger in the vehicle, described as a tan or gold Chevrolet S-10 pick-up truck.

“Just to be honest, if Officer Dawson [didn’t] move fast enough things could have been real bad. Officer Harrison did fire his weapon at the tire to try and stop the vehicle. No one else on the scene was injured,” Shaw stated. “If you are helping Kytn Wentzell we will prosecute you with whatever the law will allow, this person attempted to hurt or cause death to an officer. Whatever information you may have please report it there is no such thing as small information. Help us bring Kytn Wentzell to justice!!!!!!”

In a video update shared on Facebook Friday, Shaw thanked the officers as well as the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office and state police for their assistance on the scene. As of Friday morning, the search is still underway.

Anyone who may hold information is asked to call the Goodwater Police Department at 256-839-6321 or the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office at 256-377-4922.