Alabama man sentenced in $43 robbery, slaying of store clerk

Published 10:44 am Friday, February 7, 2020

An Alabama man has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the robbery and slaying of a store clerk whose wallet contained just $43 when he was shot to death, a district attorney announced on Thursday.

Maurice Pope, 27, was found guilty of capital murder, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson confirmed. Pope won’t be eligible for parole.

Pope and a codefendant were accused of killing Selma package store employee Orlando Robinson in January 2014, news outlets reported.

Prosecutors and police alleged the two entered the store where Robinson worked, eyed the cash register and followed him outside.

Pope then shot Robinson in the back as he tried to get away in his truck, Selma police said.

The two went through his pockets and stole his wallet afterward, investigators determined.

Codefendant Rodney Walters, 28, is set for trial in June.