Police say stoned Alabama trio arrested after calling 911 on themselves

Published 9:41 am Tuesday, November 12, 2019

An Alabama trio were so stoned on illicit drugs, deputies say, that they inadvertently called the law on themselves.

A 911 call last week in an Alabama county resulted in three arrests for possession of meth, paraphernalia and illegal prescription drugs after responding deputies found three people they believed to be under the influence of illicit drugs.

“The criminals were is such a state of mind, that they called the law on themselves,” Covington County Sheriff Blake Turman said.

At approximately 6 a.m. on Nov. 4, Covington County Communications Center in Andalusia dispatched a 911 call to Cottle Creek Road.

The communication center received a call from a woman that advised that there was a man at the residence with a gun.

The woman left the phone off the hook and the 911 dispatcher could hear chatter in the background. The communication center sent deputies Racheal Cross and Jonathon Pitts to the call.

Turman said upon arrival at the residence, three people were there that were obviously impaired from illicit drug use.

Paraphernalia was observed and the Drug Task Force was dispatched. A search warrant for the residence was issued and contraband, (meth, paraphernalia, and illegal prescription drugs) was seized as evidence.

Tammie Smith Bruce, Daniel Buie, and Rusty Smith were all arrested and are being held in the Covington County Jail on a $13,000 bond each.

“You just cannot make this up,” Turman said. “We are glad to ensure the safety of our community. Deputies Cross and Pitts were diligent and went the extra mile to ensure these guys were incarcerated to protect the public and themselves. In their state of minds from drug use, there is no telling what could have happened if they were to drive or enter into the public. Looking out for our community is paramount.”

This article was originally published in the Andalusia Star-News.