Alabama brother, sister charged with blackmailing men over sexual orientation

Published 1:18 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Authorities in Alabama say two siblings blackmailed and extorted several victims by threatening to reveal their sexual orientation, even calling in bomb threats to their job and church.

News outlets report 25-year-old Jvell Hurt and 23-year-old Whitney Hurt were arrested and charged with extortion and making terroristic threats.

Court records say a victim told police that Jvell Hurt threatened to distribute private photos of him and demanded $2,100 or Hurt would “end him.”

Records say both Jvell and Whitney Hurt called in bomb threats to one victim’s church and the University of Alabama School of Nursing, where another victim worked.

Lt. Darren Beams says the investigation involves 10 victims.

He says there may be more and he’s urging them to come forward.

It’s unclear whether the siblings have an attorney.