Company opens second Alabama plant — bringing 100 new jobs, $74 million investment to state economy

Published 2:46 pm Friday, June 28, 2024

In a major boost to the local economy, a new $74 million automotive components plant commenced operations Wednesday in the Limestone section of Huntsville. The expansive 202,000 square-foot facility is situated at 5332 Endeavor Way within the Southpoint Industrial Park.

Shape Corp., celebrated the grand opening of its second facility in Alabama, which is expected to create over 100 new jobs in the area over the coming year.

Shape Corp.’s President and CEO Mark White inaugurated the plant, marking a significant milestone in Huntsville’s rapidly growing industrial sector. This is the second facility that Shape Corp., a Michigan-based company, has established in Limestone County, further cementing their commitment to the region.

Massive Scale and Investment

The scale and investment in the new plant are substantial. With a $74 million capital infusion and a sprawling 202,000 square feet of production space, the plant is poised to significantly influence the local economic growth trajectory. This significant investment underscores Shape Corp.’s expanding footprint and their increased dedication to Limestone County and the greater Huntsville area.

Economic Impact and Employment Opportunities

The opening of the new plant is a welcome development for job seekers in the region. While Shape Corp. has not yet disclosed the exact number of positions the new facility will create, the plant’s size and the scale of investment suggest a considerable number of job opportunities for local residents. This influx of new jobs is expected to have a positive ripple effect on the local economy, boosting economic activity and providing much-needed employment.

Shape Corp.’s Continued Commitment

The decision to open a second plant in Limestone County highlights Shape Corp.’s ongoing commitment to the Huntsville area. The city’s well-established infrastructure, particularly in the Southpoint Industrial Park, makes it an attractive destination for businesses like Shape Corp. This ongoing industrial development bodes well for the local economy, particularly in terms of job market expansion.

The newly inaugurated plant not only signifies robust growth prospects for Shape Corp. but also for the broader Huntsville community. This development marks another significant phase in the region’s industrial landscape, promising enhanced economic benefits and job creation for the local population.