Investigation prompts closure of Alabama daycare; here’s what we know

Published 12:18 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2024

An Alabama daycare center has been closed as the local district attorney’s office is investigating issues at the center reported by a former worker there.

Marshall County District Attorney Jennifer Bray posted on social media that her office has found several issued with the Kids Korner daycare in Guntersville, Alabama.

The investigation was prompted by allegations made to authorities by a former employee including alleged inappropriate interactions with children and failure to report problems as part of Alabama’s mandatory reporter law which requires schools and daycare leaders to report to authorities any possible abuse of a child.

Bray said two current workers at the daycare have violated Alabama law and that the parents of the affected children have been told they can seek warrants against the employees.

Bray said the investigation is completed and the findings shared with the directors of the First Methodist Church of Guntersville, which oversees the daycare.

“We are praying for all the parents and good employees affected by Kids Korner’s decision to close its doors,” Bray said in the written social media post. “We know this undoubtedly has a serious impact on many families in our community, including our own employees whose children attend Kids Korner. However, We will always take allegations made against a daycare center seriously, and even with the disheartening result of Kids Kordner’s closing, we would not do it differently.”