Elderly Alabama man missing; his truck was found abandoned in Kentucky

Published 4:07 pm Friday, April 19, 2024

An elderly Alabama man who was reported missing apparently drove to Kentucky where his truck was found abandoned earlier this week, authorities said. He remains missing.

An abandoned vehicle was reported to the Caldwell County (Kentucky) Sheriff’s Department in a field adjacent to the Trusty Cemetery on Trusty Cemetery Road.

It was determined the vehicle, a 2001 white Dodge Durango, was owned by Roy Foster Jackson, an 83-year-old male of Florence, Alabama.

It was determined, by further investigation, Mr. Jackson was last seen near his home, in Alabama, on Sunday, April 7, 2024.

In cooperation with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Jackson was listed as a missing person from their jurisdiction.

A preliminary search was conducted of the nearby area by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department personnel during the afternoon of Monday, April 15, 2024, with nothing being found relating to Mr. Jackson.

Caldwell County Emergency Management was made aware of Mr. Jackson being missing.

Caldwell County Emergency Management Director, Joey McCaslin, along with Area 1 Emergency Management Coordinator, Daniel Newcomb, have organized an extensive search for the last three days in an effort to locate Mr. Jackson.
Mr. Jackson has not been located as of this date.

If you have ANY information regarding this missing person, please contact the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at 270-365-2088 or the Dispatch Center non-emergency line at 270-365-2041.