Camel at Mississippi Chick-fil-A drive thru has staff, customers scrambling for phones

Published 10:35 pm Friday, March 29, 2024

Mississippi Chick-fil-A drive-thru staff and their customers were left wide-eyed and in stitches when a camel joined the line of cars.

The camel, named Thelma, caused a lot of laughter at the drive-thru, with several people scrambling for their phones to take pictures and videos of the out-of-the-ordinary experience.

The unconventional outing was the brainchild of a local camel owner who owns Triple R Farms in Hattiesburg.

The camel owner posted about the story behind the Chick-fil-A visit on the Triple R Farms Facebook page.

Enlisting the help of a camel trainer from Oklahoma, the owner joked that she wanted to take the camel for a drink run.

“I jokingly told him I wanted him to train her to ride, so I could take her to the Chick-fil-A for some lemonade,” Tazah explained with a chuckle.

To everyone’s surprise, the trainer took the challenge seriously and successfully trained Thelma for the excursion. Determined not to back down from idea, the camel owner decided to follow through with the plan.

“So I ate a lil crow, put my big girl panties on and rode my brown sedan through the drive-thru,” she recounted, adding a touch of self-deprecating humor to the tale.

The sight of a camel casually sauntering through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru naturally turned heads and sparked laughter among both customers and staff.

But the owner was quick to assure everyone that they left no mess behind.

“All in good humor, of course, and yes, we cleaned up the #2s on aisle drive-thru, too,” she quipped, referring to the potential mess her four-legged friend could have left.

Despite the unorthodox nature of the visit, the Chick-fil-A staff were remarkably receptive to the shenanigans, further adding to the lighthearted atmosphere of the event.

Reflecting on the experience, the camel owner shared a valuable lesson she learned from the escapade: “Don’t make goals you’re afraid to reach.”

With Thelma the camel now etched in the memories of Chick-fil-A patrons and staff alike, this unlikely adventure serves as a reminder to embrace the unexpected and find joy in life’s little moments, even if it means taking a camel for lemonade.