Alabama cop resigns after internal investigation; police say he was about to be fired; he’s not been charged with a crime

Published 11:24 am Thursday, March 21, 2024

An Alabama police officer resigned this week ahead of being terminated, his former agency reported, after an investigation into a “serious incident” involving the officer.

Former officer John Wade reportedly resigned, Birmingham police officials said this week, prior to his being terminated.

Officer Wade was accused by a woman on social media of having sexually assaulted the woman while Wade was on duty in July 2023.

Police officials said Wade was removed from his position once they were alerted to the allegation in December 2023. Police have also said they have requested that his law enforcement certification be revoked to avoid him working in law enforcement at another agency.

Police investigators said they turned over the results of their investigations to the district attorney’s office. Officials with the DA’s office have said they do not feel they have enough evidence to charge Wade with a crime.