Alabama state websites attacked Tuesday, state officials confirm

Published 1:51 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Some Alabama state website were attacked Tuesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s office confirmed.

The governor’s office said Wednesday that some state websites were under a DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack.

“There was no breech, and the state’s computers and information have not been accessed. In conjunction with the state’s carrier, the Alabama OIT (Office of Information Technology) is actively working to mitigate the attack, which may cause some state websites to be slow temporarily,” Ivey’s office said in a written release.

It was not clear which sites were subjected to the DDoS attack.

Such attacks are done by causing massive amounts of requests to a site at a given time in an attempt to overwhelm the site.

Think about it as having 100,000 people trying to suddenly walk through a doorway at the same time.