Sheriff says no charges after ‘horrific’ dog attack kills Alabama 4-year-old boy

Published 12:11 pm Thursday, February 29, 2024

Alabama sheriff’s deputies said Thursday that no charges are expected after the tragic dog attack that left a 4-year-old Alabama boy dead.

Beau Clark died Monday at Decatur Morgan Hospital after he was attacked by a neighbor’s dog earlier in the day. His family issued a statement here.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators said they’ve determined the case to be a tragic, horrific situation, but that no crimes were committed.

Investigators issued what they have discovered about the attack:

  • No charges are expected in Beau’s tragic death.
  • The animal was securely maintained on its own property.
  • The animal had no history of violent or aggressive behavior.
  • Beau was riding his bike but for unknown reasons entered the yard he had been in numerous times.
  • He was familiar with the animal and had been around it numerous times in the past.
  • The families are friends and have routinely shared many life events together.
  • “This is an incredible tragedy in the truest sense of the word,” Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett wrote. “We continue to pray for both families and will continue to do so in the days to come. I am grateful for our deputies and the actions they took that night alongside our EMS, VFD and Dispatch partners. As well as our team of Investigators who spent multiple days piecing together this horrific event. All that responded should be remembered and prayed for as they carry the weight of this tragedy.”