Alabama Skies: Plenty of rainy weather for Friday

Published 7:47 pm Thursday, February 29, 2024

Friday will be quite rainy for most of the state. Although we’re expecting mostly rainfall, a few thunderstorms are possible, too.

Rain will clear northern Alabama by Friday later, but we’ll still have cloudy skies. Some of us could have some clouds mixed with sun Saturday, but we’ll return to rain and storms later in the weekend.

Our cool snap is also about over as temperatures will begin a warming trend.

North Alabama

Showers likely with a high of 48. Breezy. Showers Friday. Cloudy with a breezy low of 46.

Central Alabama

Showers are likely with thunderstorms possible. High of 55. Showers in the evening and fog overnight. Cloudy with a low of 50.

South Alabama

Showers are likely with a storm or two possible. Breezy with a high of 59. A few more showers possible in the evening. Cloudy overnight with a low of 52.

Gulf Coast

Showers with a storm or two in the area. Breezy with a high of 67. Cloudy Friday night with a few more showers and thunderstorms possible. Low of 58.