Alabama Skies: Spring weather is here. How long will it last?

Published 8:42 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tuesday was a gorgeous day and Wednesday is shaping up to be a carbon copy. Even though nights are still chilly, our days are only going to get warmer this week. Other than some freezing fog possible in northern Alabama Wednesday morning, it would be hard to remember that we’re still in February.

Of course, we all know the recent pattern has been nice weekdays and rainy weekends. We’re still in that pattern, but this week’s front looks to bring rain Friday night into Saturday and ending before Sunday. It’s going to be cooler after the front, but nothing too cold.

Watch out, though. We’re getting into the meat of our severe weather season. We’re already watching models for not this weekend, but next. Things could get rocky, or they could be calm. We really won’t know too many specifics for several days. Right now, it just warrants watching if you have a big event planned.

North Alabama

Patchy fog early with freezing fog possible. Sunny with a high of 60. Mostly clear Wednesday night with a low of 38.

Central Alabama

Sunny with a high of 63. Partly cloudy overnight with a low of 39.

South Alabama

Sunny with a high of 63. Becoming partly cloudy overnight with a low of 38.

Gulf Coast

Mostly sunny with a high of 63. Partly cloudy with a low of 40.