Alabama father indicted for murder after his 6-year-old son died weighing only 21 pounds

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2024

An Alabama man has been indicted for murder after his 6-year-old son died last year, weighing only 21 pounds.

Mark Edward Watford, 53, of Auburn, and his wife, Kelly West Watford, were arrested in June 2023 after their child died of suspicious circumstances.

Investigators said the 6-year-old looked like a victim of of the Holocaust, weighing only 21 pounds, leading police to believe the child had suffered abuse and malnutrition for a prolonged period of time.

Kelly West Watford was charged with felony murder last year, but Mark Watford was initially charged with aggravated assault.

A grand jury that investigated the case, however, upped his charge to felony murder.

Both are being held without bond.