Alabama city councilman charged with fraud after claiming to own a car he didn’t

Published 1:54 pm Wednesday, January 10, 2024

An Alabama city councilman has been indicted on charges he defrauded and insurance company by claiming he owned a vehicle that wasn’t his.

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office said criminal charges against Derrick Griffin for 2 counts of insurance fraud were handed down by a grand jury.

Griffin, Prichard City Councilman, was arrested on a Grand Jury Secret Indictment Tuesday afternoon.

A December 2023 Mobile County Grand Jury indicted Derrick Griffin for insurance fraud after being presented with evidence that he made fraudulent representations on two different occasions in connection with an insurance policy.

Griffin’s charges stem from alleged misrepresentations on insurance policies he acquired on a vehicle he allegedly did not own.

“This indictment is part of a larger investigation,” says Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood. “The public interest is always served by pursuing justice.”

Griffin was given a $5,000 bond for each count of insurance fraud for which he was charged.