‘I hope you rot,’ daughter tells father convicted in murder-for-hire plot of Alabama school teacher

Published 9:40 am Friday, January 5, 2024

Two brothers were sentenced to life in federal prison Thursday in a murder-for-hire plot that murdered one of their wives, an Alabama elementary school teacher, in 2017.

Darin and Jason Starr were sentenced to life sentences in the execution-style murder of Jason’s wife Sara Starr, 38, who was a teacher at Harrand Creek Elementary School in Enterprise, Alabama.

In September, a jury found Jason guilty of hiring his brother Darin to drive from his home in Texas to Coffee County to kill Sara Starr shortly after a judge ordered Jason to pay Sara child support for their four children.

The fourth-grade teacher was struck by two point-blank range shotgun blasts as she walked from her house to her car as she was headed to the school where she worked.

The pair will never be eligible for parole. Just before the sentencing Jason Starr’s daughter told her father, “F*** you. I hope you rot,” WTVY-TV reported.