Alabama man arrested after doing cannonball into Bass Pro Shop fish tank, taunting police

Published 4:32 pm Friday, January 5, 2024

An Alabama man was arrested Thursday after police said he ripped off his clothes and jumped into a large fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop.

Leeds police said the man, who was not identified immediately, apparently drove his care into a light pole in the business’ parking lot, hopped out, removed his clothes and ran inside the store.

He was charged with a number of charges ranging from assaulting a police officer to public lewdness.

Videos and images shared on social media showed the man doing a cannonball into the tank, then taunt the two police officers who were trying to get him out.

Then the man attempted to jump out of the tank and landed on the floor banging his head, apparently knocking him momentarily unconscious.

Police handcuff the man, who is reportedly undergoing mental evaluation after the incident.

On video recorded by someone inside the store you can hear people watching the scene unfold:

“Do you think?”

“He did the cannonball.”

“Well, that wasn’t smart.”