Sardines, Duck tape, and slime: It’s almost time to fill those stockings

Published 9:26 pm Thursday, December 21, 2023

The cherished tradition of filling stockings to the brim with small surprises adds an element of mystery and delight to holiday celebrations. From gift cards to electric razors, a new survey from Duck® brand finds that while most people look forward to the thrill of unwrapping their tiny treasures, many discover an eclectic mix of items inside.

Among the weirdest things people have received in their stockings, coal—a surprising 18% of respondents have received this—a can of sardines, slime, olives and toilet paper top the list. Although the survey shows Americans love giving oddities, the presents people typically receive in their stocking are more traditional: gift cards (71%) are the most popular, followed by snacks, like dried fruit and candy, and self-care items, like lip balm and makeup.

“Slipping quirky gifts into stockings can make family and friends laugh, but the majority (78%) of people would rather receive a present that is practical or useful over weird or funny,” says Ashley Luke, product manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets the Duck® brand. “We also found most people feel stocking fillers are underrated Christmas gifts, and one of the reasons they appreciate these presents is it helps them save money on essentials they normally would have to buy for themselves.”

What are some practical gifts to give? More than half of respondents have gotten kitchen and bath accessories and the other half have found tape, like craft tape, Duck Tape® and painting tape, inside their holiday surprise.

Duck® brand offers a variety of useful home and DIY products that are small enough to fit inside a stocking. From the hooks and holders in the EasyMounts® Mounting System to the Original Duck Tape® brand duct tape and even mounting and painting tape, there’s several options to choose from.

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