Alabama Skies: Holiday plans Saturday? Better check your local weather forecast!

Published 9:53 pm Friday, December 15, 2023

The stretch of sunny days has ended just in time for the weekend. Although there are plenty of activities and events this weekend, we still need the rain as much of the state is still under a drought.

Some areas will have some heavy rainfall on Saturday. If you’re planning to attend an outdoor event, be sure to check to be sure events haven’t been canceled or rescheduled.

Temperatures will also be slightly cooler than the past few days. It’s going to be a cool rain with plenty of wind with some areas having gusts up to 25 miles per hour.

Rain will continue for many of us into the evening and end overnight for most of us.

North Alabama

Mostly cloudy with showers in the afternoon. High of 58. Breezy with wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. Showers likely Saturday night. Cloudy with a low of 51.

Central Alabama

Cloudy with rain in the afternoon. Windy with a high of 58. Rain becoming likely overnight. Low of 49.

South Alabama

Cloudy with rain likely in the afternoon. Breezy with a high of 58. Widespread rain overnight. Low of 50.

Gulf Coast

Cloudy with rain likely in the afternoon and evening. Breezy with a high of 62. Showers continue Saturday night. Low of 52.