Alabama Skies: Christmas is approaching. What is our long-range weather forecast showing?

Published 10:53 pm Tuesday, December 12, 2023

We’ve looked at long-range forecasts several times, discussing how it’s very difficult to forecast more than seven or eight days in advance. That’s especially true for wintry precipitation in the south.

There is one thing showing that pretty much guarantees we’re not going to have a white Christmas in Alabama: temperatures in Canada are quite warm, meaning there isn’t much cold air waiting there to be sent down here. Not only does this show we probably won’t have any snow anytime soon, but it also shows we may not even have a cold – or even cool – Christmas.

We’ll keep watching to see if anything changes, but we might even have some stormy weather Christmas weekend, especially Saturday or Saturday night next weekend.

In the meantime, our weather remains sunny with warming temperatures.

North Alabama

Sunny with a high of 58. Becoming mostly cloudy overnight with a low of 35.

Central Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high of 61. Partly cloudy Wednesday night with a low of 39.

South Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high of 64. Overnight, partly cloudy with a low of 37.

Gulf Coast

Mostly sunny with a high near 62. Wednesday night, mostly cloudy with a low of 46.