Alabama Skies: More cold weather on the way. How long will it last?

Published 11:32 pm Monday, November 27, 2023

We’ll stay cool Tuesday with temperatures dipping well below freezing for most of the state Tuesday night. We’ll have lows in the mid-20s all the way to our southern counties with the only exception being along the Gulf Coast. With temps that low, it will be necessary to protect the four Ps: People, pets, pipes, and plants.

Cold weather won’t last long, though. We’ll have another warmup over the next few days with another system bringing our next chances of rain. Right now, most models are showing rain with a few thunderstorms. We’ll keep watching to see if anything changes in the forecast as far as strength of storms.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham had the following announcement for people living in the region:

“The KBMX radar, located in Calera, will be offline through Monday, Dec. 11, for upgrades and replacements to extend the life of the radar. This stage involves the replacement of the radar pedestal. The radar pedestal is one of the most critical components of the radar and is necessary for antenna rotation and position to capture data in all directions. This task will require the radome and pedestal to be removed and replaced by crane. NWS Birmingham will utilize adjacent radar sites, satellite, and other observational data to monitor weather conditions and issue warnings if necessary.”

North Alabama

Sunny with a high of 47. Clear Tuesday night with a low of 25.

Central Alabama

Sunny with a high of 54. Clear overnight with a low of 27.

South Alabama

Mostly cloudy early, then gradually becoming sunny with a high of 56. Clear overnight with a low of 26.

Gulf Coast

Cloudy early, then becoming sunny with a high of 57. Clear Tuesday night with a low of 34.