Alabama Skies: Chances for meaningful wet weather increasing

Published 10:54 pm Sunday, November 12, 2023

Monday is shaping up to be the nicest day of the week for many areas of Alabama, but we’d be sure most people don’t mind a cool, moist stretch of days to help take care of the extreme drought conditions.

Although rain could start as early as Monday evening for people in southern Alabama, most of us will remain sunny Monday with some clouds moving in later in the evening and overnight. The heavy rain begins Tuesday towards the coast and southern Alabama and moves inland. Although northern areas won’t receive as much rain as the southern region, just about everyone should get at least some measurable rainfall over a two-day period.

Even with this system coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, we’re not expecting severe weather; however, some showers may be heavy, we may see a couple thunderstorms, and we could have some gusty winds at times.

North Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high of 70. Becoming mostly cloudy in the evening with a low of 46 overnight.

Central Alabama

Partly sunny with a high of 69. Mostly cloudy overnight with a low of 52.

South Alabama

Mostly cloudy and breezy with a high of 68. Cloudy with a shower or two possible overnight. Low of 49.

Gulf Coast

Cloudy with a slight chance of a shower in the afternoon. Breezy with a high of 69. Cloudy overnight with scattered showers. Low of 55.