Alabama Skies: More rainy weather Saturday. Who will be the lucky ones to get some more precipitation?

Published 11:55 pm Friday, November 10, 2023

After weeks and even months of a lack of rainfall, we’re finally in a period where rain chances are overperforming instead of fizzling out. Just about everyone has a decent chance of rainfall either during the day Saturday, Saturday night, or both.

The great news is a system is showing some mischief in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re not expecting anything dangerous to develop; only a good, soaking rainmaker that could bring several inches of precipitation to parts of the state the first of the week.

North Alabama

A slight chance of showers with partly sunny skies and a high of 64. Becoming mostly cloudy overnight with showers likely. Low of 50.

Central Alabama

Rain likely in the morning. Cloudy with a high of 60. More rain overnight with a low of 53.

South Alabama

Rain likely with a high of 61. More rain overnight with a low of 54.

Gulf Coast

Rain in the morning with a high of 72. Cloudy overnight with a few more showers around. Low of 59.