Daylight savings time in Alabama; When does it end? Is it going away for good this year?

Published 5:38 pm Thursday, November 2, 2023

All across Alabama in the week hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning, daylight saving time will end as we “fall back” and gain an extra hour of sleep, but when will the twice-a-year practice go away for good?

America came close to abolishing the practice last year when the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Sunshine Protection Act. The bill would have caused daylight savings time to be become permanent, thus ending the “spring forward” and “fall back” nonsense once and for all.

Only there was a problem a big, often dysfunctional problem — their counterparts in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The House did not pass the bill, thus, despite you may have heard or read, American is NOT getting rid of the clock switching practices of daylight savings time just yet.

Officially, this year’s daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, November 5. So the local preachers will tell you there is absolutely no reason for you to be late for Sunday services. You’ve got an extra hour to get ready.

In March, we’ll fling those clock hands around again and lose an hour of sleep time again that is unless the political leaders decide to get organized and gain some votes by banishing the largely unpopular sleep changes.