Three decades after Jane Doe body found in Alabama woods, she now has a name

Published 8:27 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

More than three decades after loggers discovered a decomposed body in a small Alabama town, the victim has been identified, authorities said.

Loggers clearing timber in February 1990 discovered the remains in Heflin, Alabama.

The female victim remained nameless, officially labeled merely as “Jane Doe,” until recently.

Police Wednesday said the victim has been identified as a Georgia woman named Clara Kopp Reynolds.

Heflin police reopened the case last year in an attempt to gain more information on her and perhaps bring justice to light.

Forensic investigators said DNA evidence from the remains were sent to Orthram Labs and by connecting the DNA to a family member the victim was eventually determined to be Reynolds.

Reynolds had been reported missing in 1989. She would have been in her early 40s as the time.

Police said the investigation remains open and they asked that anyone with information to contact them.