Alabama Skies: We now have an idea when our weather pattern could finally change, bringing rain and cooler temps

Published 12:40 am Tuesday, October 24, 2023

About a week ago, we discussed click-bait sites where some people were forecasting a widespread freeze with snow possible for places in the south. Then, we started hitting record highs with plenty of sun and warmth. Now that we’re a week out from Halloween, we have a much better idea of exactly what sort of cold snap we may have.

According to forecast models, we may have a cool down around Halloween in the first few days of November. We’re certainly not expecting snow nor record cold temps, but we may finally have some rain a couple days early next week, including Halloween. Our temperatures are also showing a decent drop, but not anywhere near freezing. We’ll keep watching the next few days for more specifics.

We’re still watching Hurricane Tammy. The storm is still expected to weaken into a tropical storm within the next few days, but it’s also still expected to make a sharp left turn towards the U. S.

North Alabama

Partly sunny, then becoming sunny with a high of 76. Mostly clear Tuesday night with a low of 54.

Central Alabama

Cloudy through morning, then becoming clear with a high of 79. Clear overnight with a low of 58.

South Alabama

Sunny with a high of 82. Mostly clear Tuesday night with a low of 55.

Gulf Coast

Sunny with a high of 84. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 60.