Alabama Skies: So, about those weather posts calling for snow around Halloween…

Published 10:01 pm Thursday, October 19, 2023

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the graphic floating around with SNOW and RECORD COLD in the messaging. Is it possible? Sure, we all remember that bright, sunny July day a few years ago when our high was in the 70s with low humidity. If we can get a comfortable day in July, we could get record cold temperatures and snow on the final day of October. Is it likely? Absolutely not.

Forecasting snow is extremely difficult. If you’ve lived here long enough, you’ve seen trusted local meteorologists forecast a snow event (or a non-snow event) with confidence only to see the total opposite happen. It’s actually easier to forecast severe storms with tornadoes five or six days out compared to a winter weather event within 24 hours in Alabama.

The National Weather Service released a forecast that agrees we will have a better chance of rain beginning in a few days, but we don’t know how much rain and exactly where yet. As far as temperatures go, we have equal chances of warm weather and cold weather. None of the official forecasts call for snow anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint a lot of children and children-at-heart! We’re much more concerned and confident about the fire danger across Alabama Friday than a chance of snow in a week or two.

For Friday and the next few days, our temperatures will continue to increase a few degrees every day while humidity makes a return to the state. We’ll be sunny, breezy, and comfortable for Friday night and Saturday football.

North Alabama

Partly sunny early, then becoming sunny with a high of 73. Windy with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. Clear Friday night with a low of 46. Breezy.

Central Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high of 77. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 49.

South Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high near 79. Clear overnight with a low of 48.

Gulf Coast

Sunny with a high of 83. Breezy with wind gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. Clear Friday night with a low of 54.