Suspect was grabbing officer’s genitalia, prompting officer to punch, city leader said

Published 1:02 pm Wednesday, October 18, 2023

An Alabama police officer remained on administrative leave Wednesday after a video surfaced showing the officer striking a handcuffed suspect, but city officials said the suspect was grabbing the officer’s genitalia during the incident.

Mobile Police Officer Paul Callegari was arresting Beezer Earl Dubose Jr. after allegedly finding him in possession of marijuana.

The video, in which the suspect’s hands cannot clearly be seen, caused immediate alarm as it depicted Callegari striking Dubose in the head.

The city put Callegari on administrative leave as they investigating the matter.

On Tuesday, the Mobile mayor’s chief of staff James Barber said the early results of the investigation indicated that Dubose was grabbing officer Callegari’s testicles causing him great pain.

Barber told city council members that Callegari struck Dubose until he let go. Callegari, Barber said, was under the care of a urologist.