Alabama woman arrested after 29 dead horses found on her property; dozens more starving animals confiscated

Published 4:03 pm Monday, October 2, 2023

An Alabama has been arrested after authorities discovered 29 dead horses and dozens of other dogs and horse that were malnourished last week.

Debra Catledge, 63, of Cherokee, Alabama, was arrested over the weekend and charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty and a single charge of obstructing a government operation.

Her arrest followed the Friday discovery of 29 dead horses on a property in Colbert County. Another 45 dogs and at least 10 horses that were alive, but found to be malnourished and were confiscated.

The volume of animals confiscated was so large that it forced the Colbert County Animal Shelter to close on Friday as volunteers worked to help all the confiscated animals.