Alabama police chief, 3 officers and city councilman resign over dispute with city leaders

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, September 27, 2023

An Alabama police chief said he’s resigned after differences between he and the city’s leaders.

Gage Wilson, former police chief of the City of Powell, Alabama, created a long social media post Tuesday explaining that he and three other police officers along with a city councilman had resigned after a dispute between the police department and some members of the city’s leadership team.

Wilson said that in addition to three officers, including the assistant chief, Councilman Ronnie Helton also resigned.

Wilson said the dispute was prompted by being “shut down on hours worked” and being “passed up for new equipment so the town could build a new town hall with COVID money provided for first responders.”

“These are things I can not stand for as a man or a Chief,” Wilson wrote.