Alabama man caught cold-handed? Accused of entering residence stealing $2.67 worth of ice cream

Published 3:50 pm Thursday, August 24, 2023

An Alabama man was caught cold-handed after he allegedly entered a residence and then proceeded to steal less than $3 of ice cream.

Police in North Shelby, Alabama, arrested Dale Clinton Rhodes, 65.

Police say, Rhodes illegally entered the dwelling of a man named Brandon Batton at noon on Sunday, Aug. 20. Rhodes then proceeded to steal $2.67 worth of ice cream of an unspecified flavor and amount.

Rhodes was subsequently arrested by police later the same day at 10:31 p.m.

He has been charged with the following:

  • Third-degree burglary
  • Fourth-degree theft of property

A person is charged with third-degree burglary if a person knowingly enters, or unlawfully remains, in another’s residence with the intent to commit a crime. It is a Class-C felony that can result in up to 10 years of jail time.

By contrast, fourth-degree theft of property is a misdemeanor, and it is given when the property stolen does not exceed $500 in value.  Rhodes is currently being held at a bond of $11,000.

The investigation of this case is still ongoing, and details will be released as they become available.