Alabama Skies: Atlantic storms firing up quickly

Published 9:41 pm Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Our temperatures start to return back to normal for south Alabama and the Gulf Coast Thursday while the northern region of the state will have one last day of great temperatures, especially in the morning. By this weekend, it’s going to be hot and humid again for most of us.

In case the heat and oppressive humidity aren’t enough to remind us that it’s still summer, the tropics certainly will as we watch storm systems firing up in the Atlantic.

We’re watching two systems with chances of development. Both storms have a 30 percent chance of developing into storms within 48 hours and 50 percent chance within the next five days.

Will one of these systems become Emily? It’s possible, but we’re also watching models showing a system could develop much closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Although this cluster of storms isn’t showing up on the official hurricane forecast, models are showing this could organize into something, even if not a full storm or hurricane. We’ll keep an eye out!

North Alabama

Fog early, then sunny with a high of 81. Becoming breezy in the afternoon. Clear Thursday night with a low of 70.

Central Alabama

Sunny with a high of 87. Becoming breezy. Clear Thursday night with a low of 67.

South Alabama

Sunny with a high of 92. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 68.

Gulf Coast

Sunny and breezy with a high of 93. Mostly clear Thursday night with a low of 73.