Alabama man originally believed to be murdered was killed by dog pack, sheriff investigators say

Published 2:57 pm Sunday, July 30, 2023

An Alabama man originally believed to have been murdered by someone was, in fact, killed by a pack of dogs the sheriff investigating the death said on Sunday.

Dale County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called Saturday morning after someone spotted an unresponsive man on County Road 33.

Arriving officers originally believe the man, later identified as Demarcus “Sam” McKenzie II, 27, of Skipperville, had been shot in the head. However, after deputies reviewed home surveillance camera footage they witnessed the man being killed.

Investigators said video footage showed that as McKenzie was exiting the house a dog became aggressive toward him. Then as McKenzie tried to escape the dog, two or three more dogs appear and began attacking him.

The victim then tripped at the end of the driveway and fell when investigators say they saw as many as five or six dogs violently attacking McKenzie on the video.