Alabama Skies: Gorgeous day for most Sunday. How long will it last?

Published 9:54 pm Saturday, July 22, 2023

If you’ve been wanting to be able to enjoy the outdoors without feeling miserable, Sunday is a great opportunity for most of the state, especially the farther north one goes. Northern Alabama will be sunny with a nice breeze with highs in the mid-80s. Central and southern Alabama will also be breezy and a few degrees cooler. Humidity will be a few points lower, too. Sure, the 90s in southern Alabama aren’t cool, but we’ll take what we can get in July!

The only region of the state that won’t be mostly sunny is the Gulf Coast. There will be plenty more storms in our southern counties.

Unfortunately, the cooler temps won’t last very long. We’ll be back into the mid to upper-90s in just a few days with increasing humidity levels.

Don has strengthened into a hurricane in the Atlantic. It remains more of an Atlantic Ocean shipping problem than one for land.

The other system that we’ve been watching has actually decreased in the possibility of forming into an organized storm. We’ll keep watching as the group of storms continues moving westward in the southern Atlantic.

North Alabama

Sunny and breezy with a high near 85. Some fog moving in overnight. Clear with a low of 65.

Central Alabama

Sunny with a high near 88. Mostly clear Sunday night with a low of 67.

South Alabama

Mostly sunny with a high around 90. Becoming breezy in the afternoon. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 67.

Gulf Coast

Partly sunny with showers and thunderstorms likely. High near 88. Mostly cloudy overnight, becoming clear. Low of 71.