Tuberville finally relents that White nationalists are racists, after denying it as ‘some people’s opinion’

Published 4:06 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Alabama’s Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville finally admitted that “White nationalists are racists” after arguing that the fact was “some people’s opinion” Monday night.

Tuberville on Monday night during an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins defended his previous comments that a White nationalist “to me is an American.” The prior comments came when he was discussing the subject of White nationalists serving in the military.

He said, “They call them that. I call them Americans.”

When asked about the comments, Tuberville nearly said something even more offensive as he answered Collins’ questions.

“I was a football coach for 40 years and I dealt … and had opportunity to be around more minorities than anybody up here on this Hill,” Tuberville said.

The comment that he started to say seemed to be that he “dealt with” minorities, but he caught himself.

But he continued to say he was “totally against” racism, but wouldn’t admit that White nationalist is someone with racist beliefs.

He backed down from the comments Tuesday, however, after a growing number of Senate colleagues began criticizing Tuberville’s comments. reported that Alabama’s other U.S. Senator Katie Britt had condemned Tuberville’s comments along with Senate Minority Mitch McConnell.