Alabama Skies: Getting warmer with a few storms possible

Published 9:36 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

We’ll be heading back up into the 90s for highs and heat indexes approaching the 100s Wednesday. Northern Alabama will be mostly sunny while central parts of the state will only have a slight chance of a shower or storm. Southern Alabama and the Gulf Coast will have more widespread rain and storms.

We’re watching some much warmer temperatures possible the end of the week.

North Alabama

Sunny with a high near 92 and heat index of 98. Partly cloudy with a low of 74.

Central Alabama

Mostly sunny with only a slight chance of a shower or storm possible in late afternoon and evening. High of 94. Mostly cloudy overnight with a low of 74.

South Alabama

Fog early, then partly sunny and a high of 92. A few showers and possible in the afternoon. Cloudy tonight with a low of 74.

Gulf Coast

Showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon. High near 91. A couple of remaining showers and storms overnight with a low of 75.