Man repeatedly stole from a Mississippi Walmart posing as store worker, police say

Published 1:39 pm Monday, July 3, 2023

A man police say used a disabled fire exit to repeatedly steal several shopping carts filled with goods (including two kayaks) from a Mississippi Walmart store was arrested Sunday.

Joseph Hollingsworth, 47, was arrested in Tickfaw, Louisiana, faces six counts of commercial burglary after police say he was spotted going in and out of the Picayune, Mississippi, Walmart, over a seven-hour period in late June.

Police say he was wearing a vest similar to Walmart employees as he committed the crimes, filling several shopping carts with goods and even stealing two large kayaks in the process.

Police said Hollingsworth used a disabled fire exit to go in and out of the store unnoticed.

Hollingsworth is also suspected of similar thefts at a Slidell, Louisiana, Walmart as well.