Alabama Skies: Heat advisories in place as new pattern settles over the region

Published 9:09 pm Monday, June 26, 2023

The absence of rain and storms will certainly be felt across Alabama Tuesday and the rest of the week.

With heat advisories in place for southern Alabama, real temperatures are going to be in the 90s with plenty of humidity and sunshine to push index values up. Tuesday will also be the “coolest” day this week as dangerous heat levels are coming later this week.

We’re no longer tracking tropical storms in the Atlantic. Cindy has also weakened below tropical storm levels.

North Alabama

Sunny and breezy with gusts up to 20 miles per hour. High near 92. Clear Tuesday night with a low of 66.

Central Alabama

Sunny and breezy with a high near 90. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 65.

South Alabama

Sunny with a high near 93. Overnight, mostly clear with a low of 68.

Gulf Coast

Mostly sunny with a couple showers or storms possible, especially in the later morning and afternoon. High of 94 with a heat index up to 112. Mostly clear overnight with a low of 76.