Alabama Skies Bulletin: Severe storms tonight, tornadoes and hail up to baseball-size possible Wednesday

Published 7:58 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Level 2 risk covers central and southern Alabama tonight as multiple rounds of storms are expected. Communities in the Level 2 zone include Demopolis, Clanton, Alexander City, Auburn, Selma, Montgomery, Troy, and Eufaula. Risks for tonight are damaging winds and hail up to hen egg size.

A Level 1 stretches north of the Level 2 all the way to the Tennessee state line. All threats are included in this zone, but not as widespread or likely.

For Wednesday, the threat level has increased for a large portion of Alabama and now includes a “tornadoes possible” tag. A Level 3 stretches from Tuscaloosa to Clanton to Auburn south towards a line from Grove Hill, Burnt Corn, and Andalusia. Severe storms are likely with hail up to baseball-size, damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour, torrential rainfall, and tornadoes all possible.

A Level 2 covers the line from north of the Level 3 up to a line from Hamilton to Gadsden and south to nearly the Gulf Coast. The Level 2 risks are the same as Level 3, but not as likely or widespread.

A Level 1 covers right along the Gulf Coast and northern Alabama with the same risks as above, but not nearly as widespread or likely as the other zones.

Storms are possible any time Wednesday with the strongest storms more likely in the afternoon and evening.