Deadly Alabama interstate pileup that killed 10 people caused by unsafe speed on wet roads, federal investigators say

Published 8:58 am Friday, May 26, 2023

Federal investigators believe the 2021 deadly crash on an Alabama interstate was caused by unsafe speeds on wet roads.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s report indicated that the crash involving 10 personal vehicles and two commercial trucks on Interstate 65 that resulted in a chain-reaction of crashes that ultimately killed 10 people, nine of whom were children.

The NTSB’s report did not suggest who exactly was to blame for the accidents.

Investigators said a fire started by the crash consumed six vehicles and was the primary contributor to the deaths of eight of the children who were passengers in a van. The van was bringing residents from a group home for children who were returning from a trip to the beach.

The crash occurred as the remains of a tropical depression had passed through and weather was rainy at the time of the accident.

A Tennessee man and his child, an infant, were also killed in the accident.