Alabama Skies: Unseasonably pleasant weather continues

Published 1:30 am Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Our weather that’s reminiscent of March of April’s early spring returns today as we have mostly sunny skies in the north and mostly cloudy skies in the south.

Temps will be cool today, but especially cool tonight. Humidity levels are much lower than normal, and we’ll have some nice, pleasant breezes for a few days.

North Alabama

Sunny with a high near 80. Mostly clear with a low of 56.

Central Alabama

Partly cloudy with a high near 81. Mostly clear tonight with a low of 58.

South Alabama

Mostly cloudy as the front moves through. High of 77. Mostly clear tonight with a low of 56.

Gulf Coast

Mostly cloudy with a high of 77. Clear tonight with a low of 60.