Alabama cop fired, arrested for allegedly planting evidence, police chief says

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2023

A police officer in a small Alabama town has been arrested after his police chief says he planted evidence.

Centre Police Chief Kirk Blankenship said officer Michael Kilgore was arrested Wednesday evening after an investigation revealed Kilgore allegedly mishandled and planted evidence as part of a criminal conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime-distribution.

“We are very disappointed in Kilgore’s conduct,” Chief Blankenship said. “There is no excuse for any officer violating the law like this.”

Chief Blankenship expresses his appreciation to District Attorney Summer Summerford, the Gadsden Office of the FBI, and the Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this matter.

“We have great law enforcement officers serving in the Ninth Judicial Circuit,” Summerford said. “The overwhelming majority of officers across the Nation work hard and dedicate themselves to keeping our communities safe. Law enforcement officers that break the law and violate both the public’s trust and other officer’s trust, will be prosecuted.”

Chief Blankenship said Kilgore has been removed from his employment with the City of Centre.