Suspects peppered apartment with bullets, striking Alabama mom and her 4-year-old, police said

Published 9:24 am Thursday, April 20, 2023

A Alabama mother and her 4-year-old child were shot Wednesday night in their Birmingham neighborhood, police said.

Officers were called to an address on 29th Avenue North for a report of a shooting. They found two victims an adult woman and her 4-year-old child had been shot.

Both were taken to a hospital for treatment and police said their injuries were non-life-threatening.

Investigators said they believe a group of people drove up to the residence and began firing gunshots into the apartment in what they believe is a targeted attack.

“We have a popular idea in our culture, that if we have an issue with someone, we’re just gonna pull up to a house/apartment and just fire recklessly in the apartment,” Birmingham Police Department Assistant Public Information Officer Truman Fitzgerald said. “I’ve got news for you – you never hit your intended target. But I’m gonna tell you who you do end up hitting. You end up hitting 2-year-old Major Turner. You end up hitting 12-year-old Audriana Pearson. And tonight, we’re on a scene, yet again, where an innocent child has been struck by gunfire who had nothing to do with this scenario.”

“Who in their right mind is bold enough to come into Collegeville with all these kids,” Fitzgerald said. “It doesn’t take anyone to drive through Collegeville on any given day and all you see is kids. And you fire this many rounds into an apartment. We are blessed that we have not had a child killed tonight and this child will survive.”