Alabama Skies: Severe threat added for today

Published 1:30 am Monday, April 3, 2023

We knew today would be rainy and stormy for muich of the state, but the Storm Prediction Center has started seeing some details in the models. A Level 1 risk has been placed over for the western part of Alabama, and the eastern edge goes in a diagonal line from Hamilton to Birmingham to Auburn.

Although widespread severe weather isn’t expected, any point in the zone could see a severe storm with winds up to 60 miles per hour and some hail. Some places will also have torrential rainfall.

The rest of the week is looking pretty wet, too. Although every day isn’t expected to be a washout, rain is possible just about every 24-hour time period for a while.

North Alabama

Showers and thunderstorms through mid-afternoon. High of 68. A few isolated showers and thunderstorms tonight with a low of 61.

Central Alabama

Showers and thunderstorms possible with a high of 74. A severe thunderstorm is possible. Mostly cloudy tonight with a low of 64.

South Alabama

Showers and thunderstorms with a high of 80. Mostly cloudy tonight with a low of 66.

Gulf Coast

A few showers and thunderstorms in the area. High of 81. Tonight, mostly cloudy with a low of 69.