Alabama Skies Bulletin: Parts of Alabama upgraded to Level 4 risk for tornadoes, severe storms

Published 1:32 pm Sunday, March 26, 2023

In case you haven’t been outside, today is a muggy, warm day… perfect ingredients when mixed with a strong frontal system for tornadoes, hail, and severe weather.

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded parts of Alabama to a Level 4 out of 5 for significant storms today. Tornadoes in this area are likely with some possibly strong.

“Storms will persist into the evening,” the SPC statement reads. “Hazards: several tornadoes (a few intense), widespread large hail (some baseball size), scattered damaging winds.”

Storms are expected to begin by 6 p.m. and continue through Monday at 9 a.m.

This threat level stretches from Alexandria, La. to Montgomery, Al. Besides Montgomery, other communities in the Level 4 threat include Demopolis, Butler, Grove Hill, Camden, Greenville, and Selma.

A Level 3 risk circles the Level 4 and includes Clanton, Auburn, Troy, and Eufaula.

A Level 2 circles the Level 3, and a Level 1 circles the Level 2. Each of these areas have a risk for severe weather, albeit a lower risk as the threat number goes down.

Please see the attached map to check specific threat levels for your community.