Hello, Dollface! Alabamians amped about language study

Published 8:30 am Tuesday, February 14, 2023

When it comes to terms of endearment, Alabama is unique among all the states in what is the most common word used.  According to a study using Google searches from every state, “dollface” is the most common affectionate term used here.

The 2023 WordFinder Study released recently claims Montana is the most polite state, based on Google search terms. California is the least polite. “Darling” ranks at the top of terms of endearment, along with “beautiful.” “Bae,” “Baby,” and “Sugar” are some of the other words showing up on the list.

States such as Mississippi, Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina searched “stoked” to be used as a word of enthusiasm and excitement. Other words in this category from other states included “Gucci,” “amped,” and “bussin’.” “Stoked” was the second most common slang compliment behind the word “pur.”

“If the search terms people use are any indication of how they communicate online, you may be more likely to have a polite virtual conversation with someone in Montana versus California,” an author about the study wrote. “But pet names and sweet slang have their own cultural differences, state by state. Knowing this may serve as a way to spread happiness with a well-placed compliment.

“Next time you’re feeling ‘amped’ in Kansas or trying to flirt with an ‘angel’ in Montana, catering your language to your locale might achieve the best effect. Use our handy list to find the right words for who you’re talking to, wherever they are.”

The complete study can be found at https://wordfinder.yourdictionary.com/blog/how-polite-is-your-state/.