Alabama Skies: Snow chances melting

Published 1:30 am Saturday, February 11, 2023

It seems the chance for snow is disappearing as temperatures may not get as low tonight as originally expected. The National Weather Service now forecasts temperatures to remain just above freezing temperatures across Alabama, creating a scenario for a very cold rain.

We’ll continue to have a variety of weather the next few days. The next major system we’re watching is later next week, and the Storm Prediction Center is already watching that system for some severe weather. Of course, timing and threats could change. With this system already sparking interest from models this many days out, it may be nothing or it may be a much more impactful event. We’ll keep watching as we get closer to time.

North Alabama

Increasing clouds with rain moving in this afternoon. High near 52 and breezy. Rain tonight with a low of 34.

Central Alabama

Cloudy this morning with showers this afternoon. High near 53. Rain tonight with patchy fog. Low around 37.

South Alabama

Showers with a high near 52 and breezy. Rain continues tonight with some patchy fog. Low around 37.

Gulf Coast

Showers with a high near 55. Isolated showers remain in the area tonight with a low near 43.