Alabama teacher killed in bus accident touched ‘immeasurable’ lives, principal says

Published 4:50 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2023

An Alabama teacher and bus driver who was killed Wednesday morning when an unoccupied bus rolled into him has been identified.

Mortimer Jordan High School Principal Craig Kanaday said Mark Ridgeway, 58, was killed in a “tragic accident” early Wednesday as Ridgeway was preparing to leave the school for his morning bus route.

Ridgeway’s wife, Connie, was also a teacher at the school.

Kanaday asked the public to keep the Ridgeway family in their prayers.

Here is Kanaday’s full statement.

Dear Blue Devil Family,

This morning our school suffered a tremendous loss. Mr. Mark Ridgeway was killed in a tragic accident here on campus. Mr. Ridgeway was both a history teacher and a bus driver at Mortimer Jordan and served this community for close to 30 years. The number of lives he touched on a daily basis is immeasurable and he will be deeply missed.

Mr. Ridgeway, a graduate of Mortimer Jordan, dedicated his life to serving people. He pastored a church until his recent retirement this past summer all while teaching the students of Mortimer Jordan High School and driving a school bus. He was a selfless and devoted person to his faith, his family, and his school. As a personal colleague of mine for more than 25 years, Mark leaves behind cherished memories but also a great void among all circles of his life.

As you know Mr. Ridgeway was married to Mrs. Connie Ridgeway, another teacher here at Jordan. Please keep her, their kids, and the entire Ridgeway family in your prayers. We will provide whatever assistance they need in the coming days.

This morning, I met with our faculty and staff shortly after the accident, and tomorrow I will meet with our students. I realize that Thursday will not be a normal school day for many of us. We will have grief counselors and pastors from local churches on hand. Please talk to them if you feel the need.

It’s in times like these that I am reminded that life is fragile and precious and that we must cling to one another for encouragement and support. Together, with God’s grace and with time, we will get through this. I love you all!

Craig Kanaday
Principal, Mortimer Jordan High School