Alabama woman charged with manslaughter after man she shot in leg dies, police say

Published 7:06 am Tuesday, January 17, 2023

An Alabama woman has been arrested after police say she shot a man who died a day later.

Conswayla Minor, 49, of Daphne, Alabama, has been charged with manslaughter, Foley police said, after the death of Walter Daniel McDonald, 38, of Foley.

The incident began on Sunday when police police officers and detectives with the Foley Police Department responded to the 1600 Block of South Oak Street in Foley for reports of gunshots.

Upon arrival they discovered that McDonald had suffered a single gunshot wound to his leg.

EMS responded and transported McDonald to the South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Emergency Room before being flown to University Hospital where he underwent surgery and was moved to
Intensive Care Unit.

However, on Monday McDonald died as a result of the injury.

The investigation into the incident revealed that the shooting was related to an earlier altercation between McDonald and one or more family members of Minor.

Minor was arrested Monday and charged with Manslaughter. Additional charges may be forthcoming as well as additional arrests of other involved parties.