‘I hear a baby crying’ – chilling video of Selma residents assessing tornado damage

Published 2:00 pm Thursday, January 12, 2023

The audio of a video being shared on social media provides a chilling account of the unknown aftermath of a tornado that struck Selma, Alabama, Thursday.

The video, shared by Alabama meteorologist James Spann is credited to Krishun Moore.

The video appears to show the aftermath of the tornado. Debris is visible as the camera pans around at the scene outside a residence.

Trees seem stripped of leaves.

But the audios is what’s chilling.

“Somebody’s crying,” one voice says.

“Yeah, I hear a baby crying, too. She said that’s what she heard, that baby crying,” another voice is hear.

In the background, seemingly in the distance, another voice is heard crying out to potential victims.

“Hello, are y’all OK?”